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The Pegasus Case - A reading pleasure for short story lovers

The Pegasus Case

Winged catastrophe between love, murder, and stardust


11 stories and one core:

A law enforcer who transforms into a Pegasus and hails from a distant planet. His detective skills easily compete with his clumsiness. And where there is a Pegasus, love is never far away.

11 authors have risen to the challenge and combined the genres of fantasy, science fiction, romance, crime, comedy, and action.

In this anthology, you'll read the different versions of this core. And I can promise you: they couldn't have been more different.

Are you curious about how the same idea was executed by different authors? You can buy the e-book and paperback on Amazon and other platforms.


Cover: Freya Rue York

Editing: A NovelUnique

Editing: Rich Schwab

Editing: Dirk Osygus

Proofreading: Alf Berlin

Editing, proofreading, typesetting

and Editor: Hera N. Hunter

legal: Ali Sen

Composer: Rich Schwab

test reader: Nicola Sober

test reader: Kyara Richards

test reader: Lars Bloege

test reader: Sandra Halbe


Alexandra Moor: Pegasus - Arrow hits pumps

Alfe Berlin: Pegumbo

Ali Sen: Hunter or Hunted?

Hera N. Hunter: It wasn't my fault

Mariella King: Aurora - A Pegasus in New York

Mia Lucius: Pegasus - Dark Wings

Rich Schwab: Seven clams

Suzanne Rackwitz: Disappeared in Jax

Sylvia Kamel: Winged Traps

Yvonne Salzinger: Violetta Siebenstein

Yvonne Wundersee: Detective Pegasus

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