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Cookies and Rosewater

Hera N. Hunter

Kekse und Rosenwasser - Cover

"She felt so heavy yet so empty. As if she were a mountain with an exploited mine within."

After Zarella is been forced into slavery in her own home, her life becomes a curse. With the help of her only friend, she manages to escape from her stepmother. But what can she do to avoid starving? How can she earn a living?

Note: The story hasn't been translated to English, yet.

Raphael - Hera N. Hunter
Rella - Hera N. Hunter

I'm Prince Raphael.

She stole form me. But I will get back what belongs to me. Be it an item or a little thief.

My name is Rella.

After my stepmother killed my father, she stole my inheritance and forced me to serve her and her daughters. But I will no longer tolerate this. My freedom awaits me.

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